Small and medium-sized businesses, under 500 employees, make up 99.8% of Canadian businesses. This vast majority is integral to the Canadian economy. Smaller businesses operate much differently from their corporate counterparts. From marketing to manufacturing, customer relations and even shipping, these companies have unique needs. In today’s article, we are going to talk about LTL freight for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are a few benefits that business owners will experience when they choose to ship their goods with LTL.

Customized Quantities

Most smaller businesses don’t require a full truckload in order to ship their goods, so LTL, or less-than-truckload, offers the perfect solution. This way, companies don’t need to wait until they have thousands of pounds of freight in order to get things moving. This means you’re able to get your product out faster, making both your customers and your bottom line very happy.

Economical Pricing

Shipping costs can add up, and with everyone’s budgets tighter than usual, you can’t afford to be spending extraneous fees on a full truckload. With LTL, you are only paying for the space that you are using in the truck. This goes a long way in reducing shipping costs for you and your customers. 

Safer Travels

Your products won’t be half as valuable if they don’t arrive at their destination in the same shape they started as. Properly secured pallets reduce the chances that your freight will be damaged on the way. Furthermore, LTL shipments can often easily be tracked to give your customers peace of mind while they are waiting for their package. 

Gentler Carbon Footprint

Many companies are more conscious of their environmental impact than ever before. LTL is an efficient way to transport goods with as few emissions as possible. Think of full truckload shipping like a commuter car. It’s one unit, carrying one shipment at a time. LTL is more like public transportation. It is one unit carrying several shipments to larger terminals. This reduces the number of trucks on the road and ultimately your business’s carbon footprint.  

LTL shipping helps small to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals by reducing costs and increasing efficiency during transport. Contact our office to request a quote today; let’s work together to get your business moving!

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