Certification programs are a way for logistics companies to remain accountable, impact policy, improve their processes, and create lasting relationships within their communities. One of the programs we are proud to be a part of is the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). In this week’s article, we want to share with you what exactly this partnership means for us as a company and for you as our client.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

The C-TPAT is a project put forth by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the purpose of improving border security. Through this program, the CBP works with principal stakeholders to strengthen international supply chains. It is a voluntary program open to importers, carriers, customs brokers, and most other members of the trade community. C-TPAT began in 2001 but has quickly grown to include over 11,400 certified partners.

Our Role in C-TPAT

Becoming certified involves a three-step process that involves a comprehensive risk assessment and a security profile. After being accepted into the program, the work for a certified partner is far from over. We work with CBP in key areas to protect the supply chain and identify security gaps. This means implementing specific security measures, best practices, and addressing a range of security topics. 

Benefits All-Around

By participating in these discussions and helping tighten border security, C-TPAT partners enjoy many benefits. The most obvious of these is an increase in freight processing speed and a reduction in fees. For us, that means fewer CBP examinations, front of the line inspections, and shorter wait times at the border. For you, it means competitive prices, expedited transit, and fewer hiccups transporting your goods into the United States.  

C-TPAT is a program we are proud to be a part of as a logistics company that routinely moves freight across the Canadian-American border. Not only does this partnership keep our business running smoothly, but the benefits even expand to our customers. To learn more about how we transport your goods efficiently across the border, contact one of our representatives today!