One of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century, eCommerce has taken the world by storm. Now anyone with an internet connection can find products all over the world and have them shipped to their front door. Small businesses and large businesses alike are providing online options for their customers, maximizing on convenience and freedom of choice. 

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL is short for less-than-truckload freight. This means that multiple shippers may use the same truck to consolidate their cargo if headed in a similar direction. Along the way, cargo can be moved to other trucks in a “hub-and-spoke” model. Small distribution centres are considered the spokes. Here freight is collected and transported to larger distribution centres, and vice versa until the cargo reaches its intended destination. 

How Does LTL Benefit eCommerce Merchants? 

This type of shipping works in a similar way to ride-sharing services. Merchants only need to pay for the space that they take up in the truck, and not the entire truckload. This allows them to save money on smaller shipments, which is a large part of eCommerce. Additionally, when goods are packed securely onto pallets, it creates greater stability and drastically reduces the risk of shipping damage. However, one of the most coveted benefits that eCommerce merchants and their customers enjoy is the ability to track shipments. This offers customers the assurance that their package is accounted for and on its way. It also reduces the amount of inquiries they send to the merchant.

eCommerce Shipping Considerations

Merchants who intend to use LTL shipping should take some important factors into consideration before choosing a service to ship their goods. For one, know your product sizes and weights. From the smallest item to the largest, you should be aware of everything that may potentially ship. This will affect the freight class of your cargo and ultimately the cost to transport it. Then consider the location of your customers. Are they all based out of Canada or are there some that order internationally? If your customers are based in Canada and the United States, you may want to consider a carrier that provides crossborder services, like us! After all, shipping can be a huge cost for merchants and having continuity can save you time and stress in the long run. 

LTL logistics create an opportunity for eCommerce merchants to reach their customers easily and at an affordable cost. If your business is eCommerce and you’re looking for a trustworthy carrier to transport your goods, consider Loadsafe Crossborder. Contact us today and we would be happy to answer all of your questions!